About Us

About Ninja Design Printable


We started creating and selling printables in 2019 on Etsy, based in Canada. Printables are digital products you receive digitally, then print at home, at a local print shop or from an online print shop to fill out by hand. We currently have over 100 printables available to chose from.

Later, we also started creating editables, which are digital files you can edit directly on the computer without printing (although you do have the option to print once you have finished editing if you wanted to keep a physical copy).


Now, we are starting to expand into our own website (thank you for being one of the first visitors!) and looking into including more items soon. You can shop our printables directly from Etsy until we have added all the items here on our website. We will also be writing blog posts with tips from our own experience that might help you on your business journey. We are constantly learning, improving and growing, just like you. ♥


Our designer, Iman, has over 7 years of graphic design experience as well as several years of business experience. This experience is used to create printable and editable digital files for business (and other categories) that are easy to use, and help you save time by staying organized and using our ready made templates.


All our digital products, printables and editables, are designed for you to print at home or at a local or online print shop. Since these products are not physically shipped to you, there is significantly less environmental waste.

Minimalist Designs

Our printables feature a simple layout with a splash of color for a consistent design that is not overwhelming and easy to use.

Fast Response

You can expect a quick response (>1 business day) to any questions or concerns you may have regarding your order, or even custom requests.

Time Saving

Our printables are created for you to save time by keeping your records organized in one place, and saves you the hassle of having to create your own from scratch.

Interested In Learning?

If you want to learn more about graphic design, how to create printables for yourself or how to fill out/edit printables, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Videos coming soon!